🤝Introducing Pacts

What is Pacts protocol?

Pacts is an onchain incentives marketplace allowing users to monetize their onchain history by receiving offers from projects to explore their products. Pacts are here to give power users fair value for their time, attention, and liquidity.

What is the problem with onchain user acquisition?

In short, current questing platforms don't bring lasting value to projects and let sybils raid incentive pools at the expense of real onchain users.

Repetitive single-action-based quests lead to onchain power users skipping them completely, which means that the only acquired audience are sybils and predatory users with no intention of ever using the product.

There is no reason why the attention and involvement of an onchain power user should be valued the same as the burner wallet. We believe that real users should be able to get their attention and liquidity valued fairly.

Why Pacts?

Pacts is a new onchain marketing primitive solving the most critical issues in crypto user acquisition:

  • Sybil issue - target only relevant active onchain users or user groups using any conditions, onchain pointers, or attribution tools

  • Retention issue - single-action-based quests are a broken model. Pacts help achieve higher user retention through longer-term milestone-based campaigns aimed at creating a habit

  • Distribution issue - instead of sifting through thousands of identical, repetitive quests, users receive offers from projects based on their onchain behaviors and interests

  • Misguided incentives issue - Pacts make sure that users are rewarded for organic and valuable onchain activity, decreasing marketing spend for irrelevant actions and metrics

If you are an active onchain user:

  • Monetize your onchain history - get fair value for your attention, liquidity, and provable onchain expertise

  • Find products you love to use and get incentives for switching

  • Get guaranteed and transparent rewards for your valuable onchain actions

If you are a crypto project:

  • Get real onchain users, target relevant audiences

  • Detailed metrics on pact performance, user churn, and retention. We are extremely transparent with our key metrics and are willing to show all pact data

  • Decrease marketing budget waste on botted campaigns with zero lasting value. Make sure that your incentives reach actual users

Pacts are here to challenge the current stale user acquisition meta and build an onchain incentives marketplace that is fair and value-adding for users and projects.

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